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Finger Tattoo

Tattoo Studio Berlin

We are Berlin Ink Tattooing, a tattoo and piercing studio based in Mitte. We would like to make it clear from the start that we mainly do tattoos and piercings (in various styles).

You can visit our studio at any time during our business hours, whether you already have a finished tattoo pattern or just an initial idea – we will be happy to advise you.
Our tattoo artists do almost everything from dotwork to subtle to vintage tattoos and are at home in many styles.

Tattoo in Berlin

If, for example, a customer comes to us and would like to get a comic-style tattoo, we will, after a general consultation and clarification of where the tattoo should go, find a suitable artist, in this case Amir, and then arrange a consultation appointment with the artist directly.

We design common motifs such as bird tattoos, names or flower tattoos individually for you and together we create your tattoo design.
Geometric tattoos, skulls, lettering and Maori can also be realized with our artists.

For Maori and Polynesian tattoos we have Dann with us, who likes to tackle large as well as small projects and sometimes also tattoos Japanese motifs.

Tattoo motifs and cover up tattoos

At the moment we often get requests for cover up tattoos. Cover up in this case means that you no longer like your old tattoo pattern and would like to cover it with another tattoo. With such cover up projects it is always important to remember that the new tattoo is usually (much) larger than the old tattoo, on the one hand, and
may need to be darker in some places. Colored tattoos are also often suitable for covering up old tattoos. If you have any questions about cover ups, please come to our studio and get advice.

Job offer: Tattoo and piercing artists wanted!

Are you a talented tattoo or piercing artist with a passion for creative body art? Do you want to work in a dynamic and creative environment where your skills are valued and encouraged? Then we are looking for you!

About us: We are an established tattoo and piercing studio with an excellent reputation for quality and creativity. Our team consists of experienced artists who focus on creating individual and stunning designs that reflect the personality of our clients. Our studio is modern, well equipped and offers a pleasant working atmosphere.


We offer:

  • Attractive compensation: Fair pay that matches your experience and talent.

  • Professional working environment: top equipment and hygiene standards at the highest level.

  • Creative freedom: Work on exciting projects and contribute your own ideas.

  • Further training opportunities: Regular workshops and training courses.

  • Friendly team: Become part of a supportive and motivated team of artists.


Your profile:

  • Experience: Several years of experience in tattooing or piercing.

  • Creativity: A strong sense of aesthetics and design.

  • Professionalism: High standards of hygiene and customer service.

  • Teamwork: Enjoy working with colleagues and customers.

  • Portfolio: An impressive collection of your previous work.





If you think you're a good fit and would like to become part of our team, we look forward to receiving your application! Please send us your CV, a portfolio of your work and a short description of your motivation.




Berliner Allee 72 , 13088




Let’s create great works of art together and inspire our customers!


After-tattoo care: How to keep your tattoo beautiful and healthy

A fresh tattoo is an investment in your skin and your means of personal expression. Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure that your tattoo heals well and stays beautiful for a long time. Here are some important tips for aftercare after getting a tattoo:

1. First steps after tattooing
Immediately after tattooing, your artist will cover the fresh tattoo with a protective film or bandage. This cover protects the open wound from dirt and bacteria. Remove the film or bandage according to your tattoo artist's instructions, usually after a few hours.

2. Cleaning the tattoo
Wash the tattoo gently with lukewarm water and a mild, unscented soap. Avoid harsh soaps or heavily perfumed products as these can irritate the skin. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel - do not rub to avoid skin irritation.

3. Moisture and care
Apply a thin layer of a special tattoo care cream or an unscented, hypoallergenic moisturizer. Do not overdo it with the amount, as the skin needs to breathe. Repeat the application several times a day, especially if the skin appears dry.

4. Avoiding infections
Only touch your tattoo with clean hands. Avoid scratching or rubbing the tattoo, even if it itches. Itching is a sign of healing, and scratching can damage the skin and cause infection.

5. Sun protection
Protect your fresh tattoo from direct sunlight. UV rays can bleach the fresh tattoo and affect healing. Wear clothing over the tattoo or use a strong sunscreen (at least SPF 30) when going out in the sun after it has fully healed.

6. Avoid water
Avoid exposing the tattoo to water for long periods of time. This means no baths, swimming or saunas for the first few weeks. Short showers are fine, but don't put the tattoo directly under the water.

7. Be patient
Healing time for a tattoo can vary, but is usually two to four weeks. During this time, the skin may peel and scabs may form. Allow these scabs to fall off on their own to avoid scarring.

8. Clothing
Wear loose, soft clothing that doesn't rub against your tattoo. Tight or scratchy fabrics can hinder healing and cause irritation.

9. Long-term care
Even after the healing period, it is important to take care of your tattoo. Keep the skin well hydrated and continue to protect the tattoo from excessive sun exposure.

10. Warning signs
Watch for signs of infection such as severe redness, swelling, pus, or persistent pain. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

With the right care, your tattoo will not only heal well, but will also retain its colors and details for a long time. Follow your tattoo artist's instructions and be patient - this will make your new tattoo a lifelong work of art on your skin.

Leon tattoo Berlin

Tattoo Studio Berlin

Germany, especially Berlin, is home to a wealth of top-notch tattoo studios that create impressive works of art on the skin. If you are looking for an outstanding tattoo studio, you have come to the right place.

Our tattoo artists in Berlin not only offer you unique designs, but also a professional and safe environment for your tattoo experience. In our studios, we place the highest priority on hygiene and only use high-quality inks and tools to ensure that your tattoo not only looks impressive, but is also safe.

Whether you are looking for a traditional motif, Maori tattoos or realistic art or abstract designs, our talented artists in Berlin can turn any idea into reality. We work closely with our clients to understand their ideas and create custom designs that reflect their personality and preferences.

Our tattoo studios in Berlin stand out not only for our creativity and expertise, but also for the welcoming atmosphere that prevails here. We want our customers to
feel comfortable and enjoy their tattoo experience to the fullest.

If you are looking for exceptional tattoo studios in Germany, our studios in Berlin are the best choice. Contact us to make an appointment, discuss your ideas and get one step closer to your dream tattoo. Trust the experts to make your tattoo experience special.

Visit our tattoo studios in Berlin and be impressed by our artistry and dedication. We look forward to creating a work of art for you that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our team.

Mini-Malism Tattoo

Mini-malism tattoos are popular because of their ability to convey a message or meaning in a subtle and stylish way. They are often used to represent important memories, philosophical concepts, symbols, or simply aesthetically pleasing motifs. The small and delicate details allow these tattoos to be placed unobtrusively, making them ideal for people who want to keep their tattoos discreet.

Additionally, mini malism tattoos offer a certain versatility in terms of their placement. They can be worn on different parts of the body, such as the wrist, finger, ankle, or behind the ear. These tattoos are also often attractive to people getting tattooed for the first time, as they allow for less pain and faster healing due to their small size and simpler designs.

Overall, the mini malism tattoo style is a subtle and elegant type of body art that allows for personal expressions and aesthetic preferences to be showcased in an understated yet impactful way.


our team

Amir TT


Amir is a gifted tattoo artist from Iran who recently settled in Germany. He has been tattooing for 17 years and prefers the tattoo styles Black and Grey, Realistic, Chicano, Dotwork and Minimalism.

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